Steering Gears

Premium Remanufactured Steering Gears

Steering gears, also known as recirculating ball gears or gear boxes, are used in the steering systems for rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. We remanufacture for all makes and models with precision, using an OE-engineered process that is similar to how new gears are made:


  • Gear housings are inspected and bead-blasted to eliminate rust and corrosion
  • Sector shafts are magnafluxed to ensure structural integrity
  • Sealing surfaces are inspected, reconditioned and polished
  • All serviceable seals and O-rings are replaced with new, OE-equivalent parts
  • Recirculating balls are 100% replaced with matched sets sized to ensure correct feel and performance
  • Assembled units are 100% functionally tested for leaks and performance.


Because of our OE approach to remanufacturing, technicians and their customers can expect replacement steering gears that help to restore the responsive steering that cars, light trucks and SUVs had when they were new.