High Output

High Output / Severe Duty Alternators

Vehicles that have long periods of idling and high power demands, like police cars and ambulances, can cause the original equipment alternator to fail before the warranty period expires. Our 100% new Severe Duty Alternators can stand up to these extreme conditions and deliver charging power you can depend on.  Plus, Severe Duty Alternators keep on charging even after the O.E. unit overheats and can no longer effectively charge the battery or service the required electrical loads.

BBB New High Output/Severe Duty Alternator Benefits:

  • Fits and performs like the original equipment without mounting modifications
  • Delivers constant rated output even during extended periods of idling to supply required electrical loads and maintain battery charge
  • Heavy duty components for increased load carry capacity
  • Deep groove ball bearings with high temperature grease and seals to accommodate extended high temperature
  • Rectifiers with high amp rated, press-fit, welded diodes (upgraded from OE)