Perfect Stop™ Brake Calipers

Made Better | Installed Easier

Key Features:

Armor-Plate™ Anti-Corrosion Coating — ensures complete protection for the caliper and its critical surfaces.

Highly Tested — Every caliper is tested multiple times during the assembly process for leaks, free moving pistons and smooth bracket sliding

OEM-matched — Piston materials are matched to ensure proper operating temperatures for the hydraulic fluid

Hardware Included — Banjo bolts, cable mounting brackets, levers, springs and scrape sensors included (when applicable)

Installed Easier — Pre-lubed components with high-temperature synthetic grease simplify every installation


  • Built to QS standards in ISO-certified facilities
  • Meets SAE J431 guidelines for automotive grey iron castings
  • OEM Fit, Form & Function — Built to the specification originally desigined for the vehicle

Technical & Customer Support


Phone: 800-280-2737

Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 7:00 CST