About BBB Industries

BBB Industries, LLC, headquartered in Daphne, Alabama, is a privately held, world-class manufacturer and distributor to the North American vehicle aftermarket. BBB’s unique platform provides non-discretionary and application-specific aftermarket replacement parts, primarily remanufactured starters, alternators, brake calipers and power steering products, for virtually all domestic and imported cars and light and heavy duty trucks in North America, as well as for many power sport and specialty applications. BBB’s core value proposition of providing “the right part, in the right place, for the right price” has made the company the supplier of choice for professional installers in North America. BBB is the unquestioned leader in the “Do-It-For-Me” (“DIFM”) segment serving professional installers who make the majority of the purchase decisions.


BBB’s key advantages for its customers include: (i) more than 11,000 unique application-specific SKU’s ensuring BBB can satisfy its customers’ complete product needs, (ii) a network of 9 distribution centers allowing BBB to fill orders anywhere in North America within 24 hours, (iii) exceptional attention to detail and quality guaranteeing the best performing and longest lasting products in the industry, and (iv) outstanding customer and technical service to our customers and their installer customers.


BBB was founded in 1987 by brothers Jeffrey and Bruce Bigler. They initially operated the company as a regional remanufacturer of rotating electrical parts, focusing primarily on the niche import market. BBB established a reputation with its Southeast area customers as a reliable supplier of high quality, hard-to-find, remanufactured starters and alternators.


The company operated in Mobile, Alabama until 1998 when all manufacturing operations were moved to Reynosa, Mexico to enable the strategic changes in the operating philosophy of the company. The company’s long term strategy is to capitalize on the labor cost savings in a low-cost country, to make significant quality improvements to the products and to provide market leading customer service and support.

Right Part

Right Place

Right Price

  • Most extensive rotating electrical product offering in the industry
  • Manufactured to OEM specifi- cations or better  
  • Highest quality and lowest war- ranty rate in the industry based on customer feedback  
  • Proven OES power steering product offering
  • Most extensive distribution network in the industry
  • 24-hour delivery capability
  • Inventory is right-sized to meet market demands
  • Industry’s best fill rates
  • Unrivaled ability to deliver competitive pricing through superior operations
  • Industry-leading cost structure allows significantly higher margin opportunity for the distributor
  • Product life cycle management assures competitive pricing throughout product life

Complete Solutions Provider for Customer’s Needs